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Proelia Knives

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Proelia Knives are a nearly unknown brand that seems to be very much like Kizer Knives, and we think that's a good thing! The made in China tag will discourage a lot of people's interest but if you can get over that, then you're getting a top tier knife. The quality, fit, finish, and materials are those you would find on American made products or those costing twice as much.

Proelia Designed to be Heavy Duty EDC knives, the Proelia knives are built to stay with you through thick and thin. It's an EDC knife. It's a fighting blade. It's a Proelia.

1. D2 steel is one of the most outstanding knife steels available today. It is a high carbon, high chrome tool steel which is often used for the steel cutting dies in tool and die shops. With 1.5% Carbon, 1% Molybdenum, 12% Chrome, and 1% Vanadium, this air hardening steel (at 60-61Rc.) takes a razor edge, and holds it!

2. Each blade’s 5 step heat treatment results in more toughness with same hardness.

a. Relieve stress

b. Pre-heat/ Austenitized

c. 1st Reheat

d. Sub-zero

e. 2nd Reheat

3. Each knife’s liner lock is put through a carbidizing process that hardens the edge

before we assemble each knife.

4. Proelia Knives open and close very easily using a ball bearing system. It is not spring assisted, it’s manually opened, and is very easy to use.

5. The handle is wrapped in 3-D machined G10. It is light weight, very tough and grippy. G10 has excellent dielectric loss properties, and great electrical strength.

6. Proelia knives are easy to maintain by the end user, accessories are included, and we offer limited life time warranty.