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28" Pirate of Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword Bow Guard & Scabbard - Custom Engraved

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Blade Material:440 Stainless Steel
Overall Length:28.5 Inches
Blade Length:22.125 Inches
Scabbard Material:Wood
Handle Length:5.5 Inches
Handle Material:Stainless Steel

Product Description

This is 28" Pirate Cutlass Sword Caribbean Bow Guard Saber, The blade of the sword is 440 stainless steel with a mirror polished finish, short ricasso and false edge. The sword comes already sharpened with an extremely sharp point. The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a dull black gloss finish and shiny highlights. The drag of the sword is brass with a ball point tip and two crossed pistols in relief. The scabbard throat is also brass with a skull and crossed swords. The guard is a solid design with a one piece construction knuckle bow and cross guard. The knuckle bow has been ridged for better deflection and butting capabilities. The handle is solid steel with a spiral design. The pommel of the sword is an ornate capstan rivet.

According to Pirate myth the Cutlass found its origins with the Buccaneers in the Caribbean. However, whether this is a historical fact is still unknown. It is more likely that the Cutlass was an evolution of the falchion (short sword used during the middle ages). The Cutlass was also not only limited to the sea. The Cutlass was also used by cavalry. The curved single sided blade was extremely effective in cutting motions and ideal for combat from horse back.

This Cutlass is a reproduction of those used during the high reign of the Pirates. The sword is built sturdy with sturdy knuckle bow and solid steel handle.