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Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Gladius With Scabbard

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This is the Elite Gladius, the next step up from the original Gladius. Where as the Gladius was carried by the soldiers and Gladiators this was the sword of Generals and high ranking Officers. Mostly used for stabbing motions the Gladius was a vicious and bloodthirsty companion. The skill required to wield this sword and live to old age is incomprehensible to most now a days. This was the right hand of the power of Rome.

This sword is a beautiful reproduction of the original Gladius. Great attention was paid to the detail of the scabbard and handle. The blade is mirror finished and features a line pattern imprinted into the steel of blade. This sword is perfect for collectors, theaters, and enthusiasts.

Condition: New
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 31"
Blade Length: 21.5"
Handle Material: Metal
Blade Edge: False Edge